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Floor Refinishing Toronto

What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors?
Unfinished hardwood floors must be sanded and have stain and/or finish applied after installation. Unfinished hardwood which is also called site-finished gives you the choice of quality, stain and the ability to match existing hardwood or staircase with an overall custom finish.

Prefinished hardwood floors are completely finished and require installation only. The advantages of prefinished results in a faster and easier installation. Drawbacks are its beveled edges and subfloor must be close to perfect.

Can hardwood flooring increase the value of my home?
Yes, like all other home improvements hardwood floors can increase the value of your home. Research shows that 90% of real estate agents believe that homes with hardwood sell faster, and at a higher price, than comparable homes without hardwood flooring. New hardwood or refinishing existing hardwood floors are both a good investment to increase value to your home.

Why do my hardwood floors squeak?
There can be numerous reasons why; movement of the wood flooring system, subfloor system, underfloor supports or a floor that has been subjected to excessive moisture or excessively dry conditions. In many older homes the old 3/8" strip flooring reacts to the humidity changes by expanding and contracting, sometimes causing cupping or crowning effect on the strips. When you walk on the floor the pieces might flatten out and cause a rubbing effect that gives a creaking sound.

Why do I see exposed nail heads between my floor boards?
This is usually a sign of a worn out floor. Exposed nail heads between boards are an indication that most if not all of the wear layer of the floor has been sanded.

What causes slivers/splinters on my hardwood floor?
The main cause is from excessive movement of your hardwood floor due to; unevenness caused by expansion, cupping, subfloor irregularities or pressure from nail heads on thin layered boards.

Will my hardwood floors change colour over time?
Yes, you can expect to see shade differences in your floor over time. The cause is usually from exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, whether direct or indirect. This colour change will be more noticeable in lighter colours which will darken over time. In addition, certain exotic species, like brazilian cherry, will naturally darken over the years. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of the wood.

Is it worth refinishing my old hardwood floors?
Restoring the beauty and character of existing hardwood to look like new with its unique and custom finish is an art! The cost to refinish an existing floor is about 1/3 of the cost of a new one.

What type of wood is most commonly used in hardwood floors?
The most common species of wood used is red and white oak. Since both woods are from North america, mills offer a variety of grades, grain patterns, saw cuts and custom milling which makes them a first choice. Oak floors also have great variation in colour and grain which they accept stains and finishes more evenly, creating a rich finish.

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